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What exactly does a chiropractor do? A chiropractor is a health care professional who is specially trained to perform spinal manipulative therapy (spinal adjustments) and other therapeutic procedures (ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, etc.) for the management, treatment, and prevention of issues dealing with the musculoskeletal system.

Our staff is committed to serving your chiropractic needs. Depending on your injury, Dr. Walker has a treatment and maintenance plan to directly assist you.

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As the diagram to the left illustrates, your spinal cord's nerves branch out throughout your body, connecting to many vital organs. Your overall spinal wellness affects many areas of the human body and is imperative for optimal health.

24 vertebrae make up the spinal column. There are 7 located in the neck (cervical), 12 in the mid section of the back (thoracic), and 5 in the lower back (lumbar). Made up of billions of nerves, the spinal cord lies in the spinal column where it is protected on all sides by bone.

Nerve and muscle pain may be treated through several different chiropractic techniques. Depending on how the pain presents itself will enable Dr. Walker to determine how best to treat your specific injury.

Pain is the body's natural response to alert you that there is a problem, indicating something is tampering with your correct body function. This means you should do something to stop the progression. Headaches, neck pain, and back pain may be treatable through proper chiropractic care. And remember, the sooner you see a doctor, the better!

Whiplash is defined as an injury that may occur due to a sudden sharp movement or motion of the neck and head, such as a rear-end automobile collision.

           Do I use ice or heat on an injury?

~ If in doubt, use cold. Seldom can any damage occur from using a cold compress or ice pack. Anything that is swollen should be treated with the use of cold.

~ Moist heat may be applied only after the inflammation has subsided. The danger associated with using heat early on in an injury is the over-engorgement of tissue with blood and fluid. Dry heat, such as a heating pad, does not penetrate, therefore moist heat should be applied when it is necessary.

~ An easy rule to remember is; cold in the beginning and heat in the latter part of an injury.

~ Dr. Walker can assist you with instructions for an ice compress or moist heat as well as the duration of application.